Connection of the Transil Diod 5KP 15A

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Warning: the following recommendations are for the California EV.
For the other models, see at bottom page.

Necessary material (apart the tools) :

Here follows the schematic diagram:

In order to insure the ECU protection, the Transil Diod has to be connected between the ground and the + wire which drives the ECU relay, that's to say after the fuse which protects the ECU.

Note that the original fuse protecting the ECU has a value of 15A (blue color) ; in order to limit the current in case of overvolting, the value of this fuse has been modified to 10A (red color).

Download the reference document related to the Transil Diod 5KP 15A.

To connect the diod, some steps are necessary:

1. Diod connections preparation.

2. Unmounting the fuse and relay stands.

The fuse stand and the relay stand unmounted:
Fuse stand and relay stand released

3. Connecting the diod and put all the stuff back.

The diod in place:
The Diod close

That's all, Folks ! With this protection your ECU should last all the life of your bike :-)

Adaptation for the other models :